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RodnReel Tides are based on Noaa Tide Datum. Our tables include, tides, tides and currents, saltwater tides, tides for every state in the United States. Our online tides provide everything a fisherman needs, saltwater tides, high tides, low tides, local tides, currents, sunrise, sunset, moon phases, full moon, new moon and fishing forecasts.
Our graphics convey noaa tides, noaa tide predictions. noaa charts, saltwater tides in a more informative way than just spreadsheet like statistics.
Every state in the United States is represented. Including the top states of Florida, California, Texas, North Carolina, New Jersey, Maryland, Massachusetts, Virginia, Louisiana, Connecticut, New York and Alaska.
Every tide reporting station available from NOAA is provided. (tell us if you find one missing, be specific and complete
We employ all the modern techniques in gathering tide data and providing tide prediction.